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Tasmanian Buffalo Scotch Fillet (Per KG)

Scotch Fillet from our buffalo are divine. Try a hearty steak with an amazing meaty, earthy flavor! The scotch part of a buffalo is much tender than other muscles except the eye fillet. The scotch fillet steak contains more marbling than other buffalo steaks, giving it an irresistible taste. For grill, the scotch is the best cut to try! Inspiration: Buffalo is not hard to cook with. However, whatever you do, do not take a beef recipe and substitute it with buffalo. Buffalo needs less time and is cooked at a lower heat as it does not have all the thick intra-muscular beef fat. Drizzle your Buffalo steak with olive oil and generously season with salt & pepper. Loosely cover and bring up to room temperature. On a medium grill or pan, just a few minutes on each side and cook to your preferred doneness. Hope you'll enjoy some of the best buffalo meats with us!


Let's end the year with Tasmanian Prime Meats best promotion! Enjoy Tasmanias best meat for a bargain during these holidays! Offer ends with the year 2023! Whole Lamb - 8.99/kg (no butcher fee) Oyster/Bolar Blade - 14.99/kg Scotch Roast -27.99/kg Scotch Steak -29.99/kg T Bone - 24.99/kg Brisket - 14.99/kg Beef Curry - 8.99/kg Lamb Curry - 9.99/kg

Tasmanian Buffalo Meat Promotion! (Sale Ends On 30/04/2024)

If you love red meat and want something healthy, then 'Buffalo' should be the meat to try! Buffalo meat is low in fat, cholesterol, and calories than beef, pork, and even skinless chicken. It is also more rich in iron and Vitamin B12 than beef. Still, Buffalo is very similar to beef in flavor and texture. Depending on the cut it can be grilled, slow-cooked, or braised. Our buffaloes are 100% grass-fed. No preservatives, chemicals, or additives are added. You can only expect to taste the best Australian Buffalo meat from us.