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Beef Schnitzel (KG)

If you're searching for a dish that combines comfort and culinary artistry, look no further than the beloved Beef Schnitzel. This timeless classic has won hearts around the world with its delightful simplicity and unforgettable flavor. At its core, Beef Schnitzel is a true masterpiece. Tender slices of beef are lovingly pounded to perfection, ensuring a thin and uniform cut. They are then coated in a golden breadcrumb mixture, adding a satisfying crunch to each bite. The result is a delectable contrast between the juicy, flavorful meat and the crispy, golden coating. What makes Beef Schnitzel truly special is its ability to evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia. Whether it reminds you of cherished family dinners or transports you to cozy European bistros, its familiar taste creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. At Tasmanian Prime Meat, we use the finest quality beef to prepare Schnitzel's that will leave a long term impression on your tastebuds.

Gluten Free Camel Sausage (Limited Edition)

We have some nice camel sausages for everyone to enjoy! They are gluten free and of two varieties! Spicy and

Tasmanian Grass Fed Curry Bulk

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  1. 7 Kg Beef Curry Cut (Bone In Dice Beef)
  2. 2 Kg Boneless Beef
  3. 1 Kg Offal Mix
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